SNL September 20th: Recap

Sunday Night Live is officially underway. September 20th (last night) was our first night and overall it was a very nice night. the weather was a little yucky, but the “spirits” in the church were sunny.

Big Group time was a time to lay the foundation of what we would be doing and what we would be learning over the year. We shared that we will be building on faith, wisdom and friendship. Last night, we focused on WISDOM as we took a look at Rehoboam and the decisions that he made.

The parents had an opportunity to attend Parent Chat afterwards and discuss the lesson and how we can help our children (at home) develop wisdom.

Our children had an opportunity to choose between church notes and bible connection. We will have more details on those in later posts this week.

The youth participated in “the gathering” and then they went downstairs to participate in youth bells before coming back upstairs and participating in youth chat.

We also had an adult book study ( The Shack ) that met in the library.

We had 51 children, youth and parents that came out to our opening night. For all of those who came out, thanks. We hope to see you soon. If you did not come out, please come and be with us on the 27th; we would love to have you. Here are some photos from the night:


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