Preschool Recap on 9/20/09

The kids learned how David would make music with is tambourine, while dancing and praising God, they then made they own tambourine and played music and danced to praise God.
They listened to the story of how King Saul (sp) was angry when he saw David worshiping God, so he sent him away to fight many battles yet he always came back a winner thanks to the help of God, and how God was always with David and could help him do anything just like he helps the kids everyday. They spent some time trying different activities such as jumping on one foot, crab walking, snapping there fingers. They learned that with God’s help all things are possible, and we talked about how even thought you don’t see God (one of the little girls Emily, asked me where he was in our felt board story, why I didn’t have a picture of him, because she wanted to see him) he is always there, he can always see and hear you. We sang and danced to Jesus Loves Me.

The kids also had time for a snack and free play. We hope that you will come out and join us again, or come on out for the first time.


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