March 28: Judas

Last night, we finished up our series on Honesty and with us entering into the Easter season, we took a look at Judas. This was one of my favorite videos and I also thought that the video tied in very nicely to what we will be learning about next month: Friendship

Our main point yesterday was the following:


March 14: Esther

Last night, we had a great gathering of 50 individuals as together, we took a look at the story of Esther. Ā The main aspect of the story that we focused on was Haman and his lie. He wanted to have the Jews killed and lied to make it happen. However, his plan “backfired”.

We want to invite you to come out next Sunday night as we continue on with the journey about honesty. Next week, we are going to take a look at:

Jesus and Zachaeus (Do Over)

March 7: Joseph

We had a great night on Sunday night as we took a look at Joseph and his brothers. His brothers really did not like him and they “spun” a web of lies to cover up what they had done.

We took our own “spin” on the web and had students try their hand had hitting a target via silly string. I cannot believe that we did not have the camera out for pictures or video but for those of us who were there, I am sure that we will remember it flying. Our contestants did a good job on hitting the target and the individuals holding the targets šŸ™‚

Remember, God does not like a lying tongue.

Step It Up: The Recap

In January, we took a look at “step it up”. We focused on 5 Faith Skills as we looked at the virtue of discipline. Below is an in-depth recap of what we took a look at in January:

Step It Up

Less is more. We’re fond of saying that around here. And much of the time, we’re more effective living by it. But sometimes MORE is more. Want a voluminous vocabulary? Read more. Want to nail the lines for your part in a sketch? Rehearse more. Want to master the “Cha Cha Slide” (like for January’s large group, grades 4-5)? Practice more. You get the drift. And just like you need to lift more if you want bigger biceps, you need to do some things moreĀ if you want to know God better, like:

Read His Book. Can you think of a more foundational, first-step way to get to know Him? Plus, “God has breathed life into all of Scripture. It is useful for teaching us what is true. It is useful for correcting our mistakes. It is useful for making our lives whole again. It is useful for training us to do what is right” (2 Timothy 3:16, NIrV). What better example of the importance of engaging in God’s Word than Jesus as a 12-year-old in the temple? (Which happens to be the Bible story for week 1.)

Remember His words. “By using Scripture, a man of God can be completely prepared to do every good thing” (2 Timothy 3:17, NIrV). Jesus showed us (particularly that time He was tempted in the wilderness) we not only need to (Step 1) read God’s Word, we need to (Step 2) memorize it, internalize it, and take it to heart so that we’ll be ready for whatever comes our way.

Talk to Him. “Don’t worry about anything. Instead, tell God about everything. Ask and pray. Give thanks to him” (Philippians 4:6, NIrV). To get to know someone and to strengthen your relationship with that person, you have to talk him or her, right? It’s the same way with God. You gotta talk to Him. This week (week 3) will help kids better understand Jesus’ answer when one of the disciples asked Him how to pray.

Talk about Him with your friends. “I pray that you will be active in sharing what you believe. Then you will completely understand every good thing we have in Christ” (Philemon 1:6, NIrV). Saying what you believe out loud helps solidify your beliefs. Could this be one reason Jesus asked the disciples, “But who do YOU say I am?” (The story for week 4.)

Make Him more important than anything. “Worship the Lord your God. He is the only one you should serve” (Deuteronomy 6:13a, NIrV). This week (week 5) we’ll be taking a look at what Jesus said about “the widow’s mite” and how it helps us to worship the only one we should serve.

These are all priorities and habits — disciplines — that can help us (A) get to know God better and (B) grow stronger. Kids need to understand that they don’t have to wait till they’re older to get to know God; God wants them to start now. He’s ready to help them, every step of the way, NOW. So this January, 252 Basics is designed to help kids see how discipline, which is doing what you need to do now so you can grow stronger, can help strengthen their relationship with God.

But that’s not all. Because SOMETIMES more IS more. So in addition to helping kids understand and experience discipline as a godly virtue, each week in January will also offer practical experiences in theĀ 5 Faith Skills we think every kid should master:

1. Navigate the Bible (survey and locate)
2. Personalize Scripture (memorize and apply)
3. Dialogue with God (public and private)
4. Articulate faith (share and defend)
5. Worship with your life (praise and give)

Prayer ?

On Sunday the 17th, we had the opportunity to talk about Prayer. We tried to break it down onto theĀ simplest level and talked about —- talking to God and how that might look to us. It does not have to be difficult. We just tell him, what we think. When we talk to Him, we will get to know Him better.

January 2010

In January, we are looking at the virtue of Discipline. This may be one of the most difficult virtues that we will take a look at. We are looking at different “disciplines” that would be beneficial if we had in our lives. We are calling them Faith Skills. Here are the 5 Faith Kills

Navigate the Bible

Personalize Scripture

Dialogue with God

Articulate Faith

Worship with your Life

On the 3rd, we took a look at Navigating the Bible. We looked at why it was important and then we took time learning about the bible: how it is divided, how many books and where the books are located.

Hopefully, you can join us as we go through the rest of the faith skills.

What Will You Give ?

On December, 13th, we continued to take a look at the Christmas Story. Below, is the “bottom line”:

Also, each month, we have a memory verse and the memory verse for the month is the following:

We hope that you can come out on the 20th as we finish out our series on compassion. We need to make sure that we have compassion. Here is the definition of compassion: