Video Clips: Captive Free

Here are two videos from SNL: Captive Free

The video below is the “Hippo” Song ( 24 seconds )

The junior high girls were having fun with the songs during the night. Here is one of the songs that had motions and focused in on — fingerprints on me.

(31 seconds)

These short clips are just a small archive for us to remember the night.


I Am Free

I Am Free, one of our SNL songs.

Salvation Is Here

Slavation Is Here

This is one of the songs that we will be singing this year at SNL.

Video Song: Majestic

Majestic is one of the eight or so songs that we will be singing during Sunday Night Live this year. Hopefully, by having these videos on our blog, you can be accustomed to  them and feel comfortable when we sing them.

Depending on your computer, there may be a “rendering” problem. If so, we apologize that you will have to “wait” for the load.