We want every child (K-6) who participates in Sunday Night Live to grow up with these three truths:

– Wisdom: I need to make the wise choices

– Faith: I can trust God no matter what

– Friendship: I should treat others the way I want to be treated

During the school year, we are also teaching children virtues. We believe that if we instill these virtues into our lives, we will be the individuals that God has created us to be. Here are the virtues that we will be learning.

September: Wisdom – finding out what you should do and doing it

October: Individuality – discovering who you are meant to be so you can make a difference

November: Cooperation – working together to do more than you can do alone

December: Compassion – caring enough to do something about someone else’s need

January:  Discipline Рdoing what you need to do now so you can grow stronger

February: Honor – letting someone know you see how valuable they really are

March: Honesty – choosing to be truthful in what ever you say and do

April: Friendship – spending time with someone you trust and enjoy

May: Patience – waiting until later for what you want now

After large group, the children will have two otions. They will be able to have a music class or a bible connection class.

Music Class: Musical fun with rhythm, note reading, singing, and ringing

Bible Connection: Applying the bible lesson/virtues to their daily lives through interactive-learning


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