Prayer ?

On Sunday the 17th, we had the opportunity to talk about Prayer. We tried to break it down onto the simplest level and talked about —- talking to God and how that might look to us. It does not have to be difficult. We just tell him, what we think. When we talk to Him, we will get to know Him better.


Personalize Scripture

Tonight, January 10th, we are going to be taking a look at Personalizing  Scripture. We need to remember scripture and place them in our heart. We are going to look at the story of Jesus in the wilderness as we continue to take a look at Faith Skills. Here is the main point for tonight:

Mission Trip

The middle school and high school students have the opportunity to go on a mission trip to Newport, Tennessee. Here is a summary:

Our Trip

We will leave very early on Sunday morning, July 25th (6 am). We will travel to Newport, Tennessee which is in Eastern Tennessee. The trip with breaks will take 9 – 10 hours. We will have a get-acquainted time on Sunday evening. We will work/serve Monday – Thursday. On Friday, we will depart. We will spend Friday relaxing and then travel home on Saturday. Below, you will find information regarding demographics, ministry, and activities (from YouthWorks)


Majestic mountains, sparkling rivers and scenic wilderness are the backdrop for the 7,449 residents of Newport, Tennessee. Located in eastern Tennessee’s Cocke County, Newport is approximately 50 miles east of Knoxville. The Pigeon River and Norfolk/Southern Railroad run parallel to Newport’s Main Street, where you can enjoy shopping and dining. While this town has a low cost of living, there still are residents who struggle to make ends meet, often because of the lack of educational and employment opportunities. Only 60 percent of Newport’s residents have a high school diploma, and the unemployment rate hovers near 8 percent. Twenty-nine percent of the population lives in poverty, including almost 48 percent of children under age 18. Visit Newport and be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ to this peaceful community.

About the Ministry

Participants serve in a variety of ways during a YouthWorks mission trip. Students may spend all week at one ministry or switch between ministries during the week. Ministries that your students may participate in are Kids Club and Work Projects. Kids Club is a hands-on program led by your youth offering high-energy games, crafts, skits, songs and interactive lessons all designed to help kids learn about Jesus. Whether we’re painting houses, performing minor home repair, cleaning up debris, volunteering in community gardens or other projects in the community, the projects students work on will serve as our way of blessing people in need. We cannot confirm until all groups arrive exactly what ministries your students will be a part of during the week. We ask that you come with a willing and flexible spirit!


Evening activities during a YouthWorks week are designed to give participants insight into the lives of local residents and the culture of the area. A list of possible evening/cultural activities include: going on a hike; attend a bluegrass concert; attend a local church service; and attend a community cookout. These are examples of what your group might partake in during your mission week. These examples are subject to change due to weather or availability. In case of change, suitable substitutes will be provided.

The deadline to register to guarantee spot is Sunday.

January 2010

In January, we are looking at the virtue of Discipline. This may be one of the most difficult virtues that we will take a look at. We are looking at different “disciplines” that would be beneficial if we had in our lives. We are calling them Faith Skills. Here are the 5 Faith Kills

Navigate the Bible

Personalize Scripture

Dialogue with God

Articulate Faith

Worship with your Life

On the 3rd, we took a look at Navigating the Bible. We looked at why it was important and then we took time learning about the bible: how it is divided, how many books and where the books are located.

Hopefully, you can join us as we go through the rest of the faith skills.

What Will You Give ?

On December, 13th, we continued to take a look at the Christmas Story. Below, is the “bottom line”:

Also, each month, we have a memory verse and the memory verse for the month is the following:

We hope that you can come out on the 20th as we finish out our series on compassion. We need to make sure that we have compassion. Here is the definition of compassion:

December Virtue: Compassion

In December, we are going to be looking at Compassion. I think that this is a great virtue to take a look at, as we enter into December and focus on God and what He did for us and continues to do for us.

Please come on out and share this time with us. We will be meeting three weeks this month: December 6th, 13th, and 20th. We will take the 27th off for the Christmas Weekend.

No Sunday Night Live

On Sunday, November 29th, we are going to be taking the “Sunday” off. Yes, I know that to some that sounds bad. However, it is Thanksgiving weekend and a 5th Sunday. Our rotation only has 4 weeks …….

So, enjoy the day (evening0 and we will see you back on December 6th as we start a new virtue ——- Compassion.