We are wanting to partner with you.

One of our favorite sayings around here is the following:  Two COMBINED influences make a greater IMPACT than just TWO influences.

Thus, if the family and the church combine our influences together, we will have a bigger impact on the life of your child.

One of the aspects in our ministry where we can partner together is during Sunday Night Live.  The children are learning a virtue during Big Group time. You have the option to sit in with your kids (you can be in the back of the room, if you want) to see what the virtues are that they are learning. Then during the option time, you can participate in a parent chat that will allow you to share with other parents about how we can apply these virtues to our home lives.

Also, you will notice that we talk about Orange. Orange is also a color that is in our rooms and in the hallway and that is on purpose. We know that when you mix red (the family:blood)) with yellow (the church: God’s light) that we will become orange. We want to infuse the family and the church, thus making ORANGE.


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