March 28: Judas

Last night, we finished up our series on Honesty and with us entering into the Easter season, we took a look at Judas. This was one of my favorite videos and I also thought that the video tied in very nicely to what we will be learning about next month: Friendship

Our main point yesterday was the following:


March 14: Esther

Last night, we had a great gathering of 50 individuals as together, we took a look at the story of Esther. ¬†The main aspect of the story that we focused on was Haman and his lie. He wanted to have the Jews killed and lied to make it happen. However, his plan “backfired”.

We want to invite you to come out next Sunday night as we continue on with the journey about honesty. Next week, we are going to take a look at:

Jesus and Zachaeus (Do Over)

March 7: Joseph

We had a great night on Sunday night as we took a look at Joseph and his brothers. His brothers really did not like him and they “spun” a web of lies to cover up what they had done.

We took our own “spin” on the web and had students try their hand had hitting a target via silly string. I cannot believe that we did not have the camera out for pictures or video but for those of us who were there, I am sure that we will remember it flying. Our contestants did a good job on hitting the target and the individuals holding the targets ūüôā

Remember, God does not like a lying tongue.

March: Honesty

On the one hand, honesty is simple.  It always involves a choice.
We choose to tell the truth or to lie. Honesty is ordinary, too.
Because every one of us, from Adam and Eve to you and I, chooses to be honest or dishonest on a daily basis.

On the other hand, honesty (and therefore¬†dishonesty) is complex and intriguing. ¬†You can be honest (or dishonest) in your words, actions, and attitudes. ¬†You can be honest (or dishonest) in what you don’t say or do, as well.¬†You can set out to lie, and¬†you can go along with someone else’s lie.
And then there are the multitudes of motives for two-faced, duplicitous, and deceptive dealings.

So simple, honesty, but not always easy! Else no one would weave him- or herself into a tangled web in the first place.

Which is why, come March, we’ll be talking about honesty and some of the very practical reasons God teaches and guides us to be honest:

March 7

When you’re not truthful, you hurt the people you should care about most.Joseph’s brothers practiced so many forms of deceit in that whole sell-your-brother-as-a-slave episode you’ll weave quite a web recounting them all. (Genesis 37; 45)

March 14

Lying to hurt someone else really hurts YOU. Haman’s perfidious plot backfired on him. (Esther 3-5; 7)

March 21
Truthfulness builds friendships; dishonesty tears them down. Jesus gave even wee, little, fraudulent Zacchaeus a do-over. (Luke 19)

March 28

You can lie so much you forget what matters. Treacherous Judas forgot, or deceived himself, about what matters most. (Matthew 26; 27)

We hope that you come out and join us in March as we take a look at Honesty at Sunday Night Live. Remember, you can come to dinner (downstairs) and then come upstairs for SNL. The doors open downstairs at 5:30 with the meal beginning at 5:45. Our doors open a little before 6:00 for fellowship and we kick off at 6:15.